” Our editorial committee found your material excellent and was particularly impressed by your concept of feeling the pulse of the music, rather than just counting the beats.”

The Frederick Harris Music Company


” Knowing the language in Thuyen Phiet’s method is to encourage a great emphasis on feeling the rhythm and hearing the singing tone while reading notes …
Students can execute rhythm securely while playing expressively.”

-Vicky Tan Warkentien
MTNA Piano Teacher, Pittsford,  NY


” I am impressed with the clear and simple exercises with the use of the metronome to  help students understand and feel the pulse and rhythm patterns. I am amazed with almost instant results in dealing with what were once problem sections in pieces I have used for years.”

Ouida Thomas
NCTM, Mississippi


” Beginning students will benefit tremendously from this method. Eye, hand, and ear coordination are totally integrated from the start …Ms. Phiet method stresses musical thinking from the start and helps students build essential skills without the frustrations they usually experience with other methods.”

Amy Rothstein
Pianist and Piano Instructor, Virginia


“After 25 years of teaching and experiencing so many of the same problems, I truly believe that [this method] can lead students to a great understanding of rhythm from the beginning.”

-Sandra L. Saacs
MTNA Certified Piano Teacher, Virginia


” The pictorial aids of Ms. Phiet’s piano course help both student and teacher to see where the  actual pulse falls in a rhythmic scheme and develop an aural, physical and visual sense of how to combine these senses in piano performance..”

-Dr. Gladys M. Watkins, Professor of Music
NVCC, Annandale Campus, Virginia


“I very much like your emphasis on ‘eyes, ears, and pulse.’ They are the comer stones to serious learning. The books give the students an excellent foundation, and the pieces are well chosen without pushing the student too fast, which is a sign of good teaching.”

-Fernando Laires
University of Rochester, Eastman School of Music


“Neat and uncluttered in appearance, this well thought out method concentrates on note reading and rhythm; an absence of superfluous illustrations, such as cutesy pictures of animals, set it apart from others…
…This method can be used with very young students as well as those who should boost their reading skills, and I am looking forward to trying it with a beginner.”



“The six exercise books would definitely benefit the dexterity of all students. Because the concept of pulse is emphasized from the onset, varying metronome markings are included throughout. In addition, Guild teachers interested in preparing/training their students in the phases (scales, chord/cadences, and arpeg­gios) for Syllabus requirements would find that these books have the potential for various goals.

The entire series could be useful to a divergent range of serious students for introductory, reinforcement, or review experiences. An insightful piano instructor could apply the concepts wherever needed for an eventual positive outcome.”

-Dr. Christine Armstrong, Reviewer
The Guild Notes


“Ms. Thuyen Phiet, graduate from the Ecole Normale de Musique, has published an extremely original and valuable piano method to help guide, nurture and de­velop future generations of pianists. Her ‘sea, hear and play’ approach entices the young beginning piano student-in a very simple and straightforward manner-to develop a strong sense of rhythm, confidence and freedom.”

-Jose Caceres
Concert Pianist, Adjudicator and Teacher
Washington, D.C.